Nerd Alert!!! It’s Time To Muscle March (Wii)!!!

The Nintendo Wii is a great video game system for casual gamers.  Sure it has some shortcomings (the fact that it’s not in HD is one that bothers me), but one of my favorite things about the system is the ability to purchase games, both old and new, and download them to the system via Virtual Console and WiiWare.  I’m a big fan of puzzle games, and my wife and I have downloaded several games in that genre (Wario’s Woods, Tetris Party, Dr. Mario).  It’s fun to play against each other, and against opponents over the internet.

But last month I was browsing the internet, and came across a game called Muscle March.  I guess the game originally became a viral sensation when it was released in Japan and the trailer for it showed up on Youtube.

Muscle March is one of the craziest games you’ll ever play, and you can definitely tell that this came from Japan.  The concept is simple, but a little insane.  You choose from one of several bodybuilders, mostly men, but there is also a woman and a polar bear as well (!).  These muscleheads are dressed in nothing more than a skimpy pair of undies (I told you this was crazy!).  Everything seems fine until a variety of villains swoop in and steal your protein drink.  It’s then up to you to strike a pose (using the Wii controller and nunchuck), copying the same movements as the line of bodybuilders ahead of you, as you burst through wall after wall.   As crazy as this is, the game also includes a killer Japanese soundtrack that speeds up as the game goes on.

And best of all, this game is only FIVE DOLLARS on the Wii Shop Channel.  But don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer for it below.  You won’t believe your eyes.



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