Jose Gonzalez

The Weekly Dose 07-15-14 (featuring Sia)

Featured Artist Of The Week: Sia

I feel like I’ve written a lot about Sia on the blog over the last few years, but she really is one of my favorite artists who is finally getting the attention she deserves.  I first became aware of Sia in the early 2000’s, when she was featured on the song “Destiny” by Zero 7.  The thing is, I didn’t really know it was her until about 7 or 8 years later when she released her live album Lady Croissant which featured that song alongside another Zero 7 track and live performances from her solo albums up until that point (including “Breathe Me” which has been included in many commercials, as well as featuring prominently in the Six Feet Under series finale).

She recently gained attention in the mainstream for her song “Titanium” which was produced by David Guetta.  She’s also written songs for many popular artists (including Rihanna, Madonna, and Beyonce to name a few), and earlier this month she released her fifth studio album, 1000 Forms Of Fear.  Lately, Sia has been hiding her face in most of her live television performances, due to a combination of stage fright and a reluctance to be in the public eye.  But I’ve seen her in concert three times (so far), and I hope she will someday return to touring and live concert performances, as she really does have one of the best voices out there right now.



Music Video Of The Week – Little Dragon: “Swimming”

Every Friday we feature a cool music video for you to enjoy!  This week’s video is by a band called Little Dragon, who are from Gothenburg, Sweden.  Their lead singer, Yukimi Nagano also provides backing vocals for one of of my favorite artists, Jose Gonzalez.  She was featured on his last CD and also performs with him in concert.

This track comes from Little Dragon’s second CD, Machine Dreams, which was released in August of 2009.  It is currently the free music video of the week on iTunes.  It’s not every week that iTunes has a free video that’s actually a good one, so make sure to check it out!  This animated video was created by Yusuke Nagano, Yukimi’s father.