Music Video: Jenny Lewis – “Just One Of The Guys”

I’m not going to lie.  Jenny Lewis is always amazing.  As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a better female vocalist out there right now (with the possible exception of Sia, our current featured artist of the week).

It will be a couple more weeks before Jenny gets her chance to be our featured artist, but in the meantime, she’s debuted the music video for her first single “Just One Of The Guys” (already one of my favorite songs of 2014). The song features backing vocals by Beck, who also produced the track.

Check out Jenny, alongside some of her famous friends in the video below… (more…)


The Weekly Dose 07-15-14 (featuring Sia)

Featured Artist Of The Week: Sia

I feel like I’ve written a lot about Sia on the blog over the last few years, but she really is one of my favorite artists who is finally getting the attention she deserves.  I first became aware of Sia in the early 2000’s, when she was featured on the song “Destiny” by Zero 7.  The thing is, I didn’t really know it was her until about 7 or 8 years later when she released her live album Lady Croissant which featured that song alongside another Zero 7 track and live performances from her solo albums up until that point (including “Breathe Me” which has been included in many commercials, as well as featuring prominently in the Six Feet Under series finale).

She recently gained attention in the mainstream for her song “Titanium” which was produced by David Guetta.  She’s also written songs for many popular artists (including Rihanna, Madonna, and Beyonce to name a few), and earlier this month she released her fifth studio album, 1000 Forms Of Fear.  Lately, Sia has been hiding her face in most of her live television performances, due to a combination of stage fright and a reluctance to be in the public eye.  But I’ve seen her in concert three times (so far), and I hope she will someday return to touring and live concert performances, as she really does have one of the best voices out there right now.


Music Video: “Weird Al” Yankovic – “Tacky”

In a brilliant promotional move for the new Weird Al album, Mandatory Fun, 8 music videos have been filmed (or some possibly animated, if they are anything like the videos that accompanied the last two albums) and they will be debuting one video a day, for eight days in a row.

Screen shot 2014-07-14 at 8.19.21 AM

Not only is this a great idea in terms of getting the videos out there, but this is also the first time where no official single for the album has been decided in advance.  By releasing 8 separate videos, and letting the public decide which ones are going to be the most popular, you could essentially see several of these songs being purchased individually on iTunes, and multiple songs could make their way into the national top 40.  It’s an interesting idea, at the very least.

Today, the first music video made its debut for the song “Tacky”, a cameo-filled parody of Pharrell Williams “Happy”.  I won’t spoil all the celebrity cameos here. You’ll have to watch the video for yourself.  The video premiered over at the Nerdist network.  Since it doesn’t seem to want to embed on wordpress, you can watch the video over there. Enjoy!

Also, click here to check out the rest of Al’s #8videos8days videos…

What do you think of the song, and promotional strategy for the new album? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.  Also, in case you missed it, check out the playlist I put together with 27 Essential “Weird Al” Original Songs.


Playlist: “Weird Al” Yankovic – 27 Essential Originals

This week, “Weird Al” Yankovic releases his 14th studio album, Mandatory Fun, and to celebrate, I’ve compiled a playlist of what I consider to be the 27 most essential Weird Al “original” songs.  Those who aren’t too familiar with Al’s work may not know that every album includes at least 5 or 6 original tracks.

Now, obviously Al is mostly known for his parodies.  His biggest hits include songs like “Eat It” or “White and Nerdy” but even some of the originals have been released as singles over the years (“UHF”, “This Is The Life”, and “Dare To Be Stupid” instantly come to mind). Then, you also have the songs that are best described as “style parodies”.  They are technically original, because they don’t parody a specific song, but they are usually performed in the style of a popular artist.

The 27 songs I chose for this playlist are listed in chronological order, from 1983’s self titled “Weird Al” Yankovic to his last release, 2011’s Alpocalypse(more…)

Playlist: The Best Songs of 2014 So Far…

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 9.01.36 PM

I don’t know how you feel, but for me the last few months have practically flown by… As they say, “time does fly when you’re getting drunk” (or something like that).  But since it’s now July, and there have already been so many great songs and albums released in the first half of this year (my personal 2014 “best of” already contains more songs than all of 2013 combined) I thought it would be as good a time as any to compile a playlist with the best songs of the year so far…

2014 has already seen the release of several great LP’s, from old favorites (like Beck, St. Vincent, and Jack White) to new ones too (Parquet Courts, Future Islands), and the second half of the year should be just as good, with new releases from Spoon, New Pornographers, Sia, Jenny Lewis and “Weird Al” Yankovic (just to name a few)… (more…)

The Weekly Dose 04-09-14 (Coachella 2014 edition featuring Future Islands)

So, The Weekly Dose has recently been bi-weekly, at least for this last month, but I’m still trying to do it weekly if possible.  I have a lot of other things going on that come before this blog, but I do like sharing some good music as often as I can.  I usually put this plug at the bottom of each week’s post, but I don’t know if everybody makes it down that far, so if you’re enjoying the playlists that I post here, please let me know what you think in the comments, on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.  I’d like to know what you liked, what you didn’t, and what songs you’d like to hear in the future!  Also, thanks to those who have actually subscribed to this playlist on Spotify. We’ve been gaining a few every week.

Ferris wheel

The big event for this week, at least for me and thousands of others, is that Coachella starts this coming weekend. I’ll be at weekend two this year, and will be my 10th time attending the festival.  It really is always my favorite time of the year.  Even though I wasn’t initially as excited as I usually would be for the 2014 lineup, there are still dozens of acts that I’ll be seeing, some I’ve seen before (Beck, Arcade Fire), some I’ve been wanting to see for awhile (Little Dragon, Pet Shop Boys), and I’ve made some new discoveries this year as well. (more…)

Artist You Should Know : Perfect Beings

998460_10203365588330030_2088825848_nWhat do you get when you take some Genesis, add some Yes, a dash of Pink Floyd and top it off with a pinch of Marillion? You get Perfect Beings, a band out of Los Angeles. They just released their debut self-titled album, that is receiving heavy praise both nationally and internationally. A few have already dubbed it the Best Album of 2014.

I too can attest that this is a solid album throughout. One way I like to gauge an album’s strength is to go to track 7, where most albums start to falter and break apart, and see how strong that track is. This one did not fail in anyway whatsoever. If you are a headphones album listener, such as myself, this album is magical in every aspect. (more…)