Second Listen: Shaggy

You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but this is an idea that I’ve had for awhile.  You don’t know how many times I hear a song on the radio, iPod or Spotify and think to myself, “this song is good, but this artist had so many better ones that nobody ever remembers or knows”.  My wife will confirm that I even tell her this type of thing quite often, so I decided to occasionally share some of these songs here, in a column that I call “Second Listen”.  Most of these songs will be by artists that you know.  Some of them have had some good hit songs, and some that are not so great, but it will hopefully give exposure to a song that (at least I think) is better than the music they are known for!



Second Listen: Shaggy – “Oh Carolina”

I would think that most people know Shaggy because of two songs:  “Boombastic” and “It Wasn’t Me”. When radio stations started playing “Boombastic” back in 1995, I was surprised. And it wasn’t because it was necessarily a bad song, but because two years earlier I had discovered a previous single, “Oh Carolina”, on a compilation.  You see, long before they started releasing them in the U.S., I would go the local Virgin Megastore (R.I.P.) and pick up import copies of “Now! That’s What I Call Music” compilations from England. Some were numbered, the way they are here (NOW! 51, etc.) but they would also put out a 2-disc “best of” annually with that year’s best songs.

I’m sure I probably initially bought the 1993 edition of “NOW!” because it had a few good songs that I didn’t currently own on CD. But after listening to it, the song that stood out above all others was Shaggy’s “Oh Carolina” and it has remained one of my favorite songs over 20 years later.  Subsequently, I did enjoy “Boombastic” but thought that “It Wasn’t Me” was horrible on just about every level (even though it became a huge hit).

If you only know Shaggy from those songs (one or both) I urge you to consider giving him a Second Listen, and let me know what you think about “Oh Carolina” …




One comment

  1. Nice one!! Yeah, these are the type of songs that we play on Topshelf Oldies; those that were never big hits but should have been. I like this one.

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