Join in on Bombay Bicycle Club


Bombay Bicycle Club are on the rise, and it’s rightfully so. From their debut to their newest release, they have made no promises other than to make music that stays true to themselves.

Fresh out of high school Bombay Bicycle Club kicked themselves onto the scene with with their debut album I Had the Blues, But I shook Them Loose spawning immediate hit singles “Always Like This” and “Dust on the Ground”.

They laughed off the very idea of a sophomore slump with their second album Flaws. This beautiful and melancholy album is a perfect showcase of the youngsters’ more serious side. Not only did it give us a peak into their versatility,  but it also reasserted that they were not going to disappear from the scene anytime soon.

The next year they came back with a blend of their previous two albums and gave us A Different Kind of Fix. With it’s subdued vocals and dizzying melodies, you will feel like you are living in a day dream.

On February 3rd of this year, BBC showed us how they have grown now that they cut their ties and put out their fourth album So Long, See You Tomorrow. Debuting at #1 on the UK charts, a first for the band. With production completely in their hands, this piece departs from the whimsical sound of their 3rd release. From the rocky opening track Overdone, to the experimental piece Cary Me, to the haunting Eyes off You,  Bombay Bicycle Club further explore their depths of creativity and differentiate themselves from all other groups out there today.

This is a band to watch and follow as they grow and develop into what could be the one of the top groups of our time.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Overdone


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