I Hate That Commercial! – Six Flags

Okay, let’s just face the hard truth here… the commercials for Six Flags’ theme parks have been pretty bad for years. Sure, the old guy dancing to that song (apparently “We Like to Party” by Vengaboys) was maybe mildly entertaining when the advertising campaign started back in 2004. And that was mostly because it was one of those weird commercials you couldn’t really turn away from. It had catchy music, and that crazy bald dancing man (apparently named “Mr. Six”). They got rid of the commercials a few years later, turning instead to a new slogan (“Six Flags. More Flags, More Fun.”) which doesn’t even make any sense in the slightest.

Well, after that didn’t work out, they brought good ol’ Mr. Six back for new advertisements in the last year or so. And now, well, they’ve really topped themselves again, by bringing out one of the most disturbing commercials ever.

You’ve got double the creepy, and add to that the rumors that Mr. Six is now actually played a female dancer, and I have to proclaim that this is one of the worst, weirdest commercial campaigns EVER! And what does this really have to do with Six Flags and its rides anyway? Does this commercial actually bring people to their theme parks? What are your thoughts?



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