Top 100 Songs of the Decade: “Folk Singer” – Brendan Benson

“Folk Singer”
by Brendan Benson (2002)

These days, if you know who Brendan Benson is, you probably know him from his work in the Jack White band The Raconteurs.  But back in 2002, he had just released his second solo album called Lapalco.  I first discovered Brendan, and this song, when it appeared on one of the CD compilations for International Pop Overthrow, a concert festival I attend each summer in Los Angeles.

After hearing this song, I became an instant fan, and he’s released two more solo albums since, as well as two with The Raconteurs.  Since I limited myself to only one song per artist in my top 100, this was a hard choice.  Brendan’s latest CD came out last year, and the song “Garbage Day” was my favorite track of 2009.  But since “Folk Singer” was the song that first introduced me to him, this one won out.

“Folk Singer” features the trademark lyrical rhyming style that Brendan has continued through most of his CD’s, which people seem to either love or hate.  See what you think.


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