Music Video Of The Week: Passing Strange – “Come Down Now”

This week’s music video is a bit unconventional, in that it’s really not a “music video” at all.  It’s actually one of the songs from the Broadway musical Passing Strange, written by Stew and Heidi Rodewald.  I have been a long time fan of Stew’s music.  He’s released several CD’s, both solo and with his band The Negro Problem.  In fact, a version of “Come Down Now” first appeared on Joys and Concerns, my favorite album by The Negro Problem, released in 1999.

I was only able to see Passing Strange once in person, when it debuted in Berkeley, California back in 2006.  It then moved to New York and ran from 2007 – 2008.  My wife and I actually had tickets to see it in New York during our honeymoon, but they decided to end it a few weeks before we got there.

Stew went on to win a Tony award for Best Book, and as it was coming to a close on Broadway, filmmaker Spike Lee decided to capture it for posterity and turned it into a film.  That film is now out on DVD, and also aired recently on PBS.

Passing Strange is part musical, part rock concert, and it’s amazing.   You should definitely check it out when you have the time.  For now, here is the video for “Come Down Now.”




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