Top 100 Songs of the Decade: “Even If You Don’t” – Ween

“Even If You Don’t”
by Ween (2000)

Let’s just cut to the chase.  Ween can be a very weird band.  They’ve recorded songs in pretty much every genre.  They’re probably best known for their 1992 single “Push The Little Daisies,” which was one of Beavis and Butt-head’s favorite videos to make fun of.  But in 2000, they released their CD White Pepper, which includes some of their poppiest music to date.

“Even If You Don’t” is another one of those songs in my top 100 that could easily be the number one song of the decade for me, if I really sat down and ranked them.  It’s definitely top 5 of the decade, if not of all time!  It was actually the first song I ever played for my wife, before we even started dating.  We included it on the CD of favorite songs that we gave out at our wedding.

And one of the things I’ve been enjoying about writing about each of these songs, is that I get to do some research on them.  Up until now, I had no idea that there was a video made for it.  It was directed by Matt  Stone and Trey Parker of South Park.   Even if you don’t listen to any of my other favorite songs on this list, please listen to this one.  It’s amazing.



  1. I love that song, too, as you know. I don’t much like that video…haha!! But, the song is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!

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