Nerd Alert!!! The Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas

When most people think of Las Vegas, they probably think of it as Sin City… Gambling, drinking, drive-thru wedding chapels, and probably much, much worse.   But now, whenever I go to Vegas, I not only gamble, I take the time to go play some pinball!

Now, this probably wouldn’t be something that the average Vegas tourist would do, but I’ve always been a fan of pinball machines.  This love of the game became even greater a couple of years ago, when my wife and I picked up the Williams Pinball Hall Of Fame collection for the Nintendo Wii.  The game features exact recreations of 10 classic Williams pinball games, from the 1970’s – 1990’s, many of which I remember playing as a kid.

Right before we took a trip to Vegas last summer, we found out about the Pinball Hall Of Fame Museum there and knew we had to stop by.  When we looked at their website, we got even more excited, because many of the pinball games on the Wii game were actually there!   So we stopped by on our way home, and spent at least an hour going through the various games… playing ones that we knew, and ones that we had never heard of before.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside…

Well, when we decided to go back to Vegas just a couple of weeks ago, we knew we had to make another stop there during our trip.  But when we got there, we found out that the location had moved closer to the Strip, and that it had doubled in size since our last trip.

… but wait until you get inside!

According to the website, they currently have 152 pinball tables on display, as well as a few classic arcade games (Paperboy, Mario Brothers, Tetris).  The pinball games date back as far as the 1950’s, all the way through today (the most recent machines include tables based on 24 and The Dark Knight).   All the tables are playable.  Most of them cost $1.00 for three plays, and the best part is that all the proceeds are donated to charity.

“I’m not happy with you now!”

The Pinball Hall of Fame Museum is located at 1610 E. Tropicana Blvd.  If you are in Vegas, it’s definitely a fun place to spend an hour or two, for kids of all ages.



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