Top 100 Songs Of The Decade: “Collection Of Stamps” – I’m From Barcelona

Collection Of Stamps
by I’m From Barcelona (2006)

I first wrote about I’m From Barcelona back in early 2008, in an article over on the Pop Underground blog.  The most important things to know about the group are that they are NOT from Barcelona (actually, they are from Sweden), and the band is made up of about 29 members at any given time.  It’s also worth pointing out, that their lead singer looks like a character that Bill Hader might play on Saturday Night Live.

Recently it was announced that the band would kick off 2010 by releasing a new album on their website, one song at a time.  Each member of the band would be able to create and contribute a song to the project.  These Songs From Barcelona will start appearing during the month of January.

Until those get released, here is my favorite song of theirs from the last decade, and probably the best song ever written about stamp collecting.


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