Come on, NBC! Don’t let Coco Go Go!

I’ve been a fan of Conan O’Brien since his version of Late Night premiered back in 1993. I remember watching that first show. In fact, I still have it on VHS somewhere (not that I necessarily still have a way to play it). I also remember Conan being initially awkward, but his unique style of humor was there from the beginning.

Over the years he made it his own, and it grew into one of the most consistently funny shows on television.

When he took over The Tonight Show last year, my wife and I got to see one of the early test tapings.

Now, there is all of this mess with Leno, who I have never found funny, and Conan has made it clear that he will leave the network if he has to move the show to 12:05 or later.

At first I was upset, but with talk of Coco moving to another network, maybe he’ll end up somewhere that truly appreciates his talent.

If you’re a Conan fan, then take this artwork, designed by Mike at, and proudly display it on Twitter, Facebook, wherever… I’m sure Conan would appreciate all of our support.


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