Top 100 Songs Of The Decade: “Baby” by Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise

by Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise (2000)

Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise formed back in 1994 when former members of a band called Second Self met a blind street musician by the name of Robert Bradley on the streets of Detroit. I will admit that I probably should know more about Robert Bradley than I do, considering this was one of my favorite songs of the decade, but sadly I don’t know too much.

From their 2000 release, Time To Discover, “Baby” would probably best fit under the blues category, but the Wikipedia page for the band lists their musical styles as Motown, Soul, Rock, R&B, and Blues.  Whatever category you’d put it in, “Baby” is one of those songs that no matter when it comes on my iPod, I will give it my full attention, beginning to end.  Hopefully you’ll love it too.

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