Music Video Of The Week: Sia – “You’ve Changed”

Veronica and I are currently in Florida, enjoying a much needed Walt Disney World vacation, but… that’s no reason to deprive you of a music video this week.  Honestly, if there weren’t any good videos to share, we probably could have waited until we got back, but this week we have an amazing new video, by one of our favorite artists.

I’ve written about Sia on this blog more than once already.  Back in November, we featured her cover of The Church in the article Got It Covered – Under The Milky Way.

Now, Sia has released “You’ve Changed,” the first video from her fifth solo CD We Are Born, which doesn’t even come out until April.   This song was originally recorded by New York singer Lauren Flax, with Sia on backing vocals, but Sia decided that she liked it so much that she wanted to her record it for her next CD too.

The best thing about Sia is that she doesn’t make bad music videos.  Or, at least, I haven’t seen one yet.  Every video is creative, fearless, and never boring.  “You’ve Changed” is no exception.  Do yourself a favor and check out the video below…


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