Beard Blog – Day One

Veronica and I are leaving today for a trip to Walt Disney World, but don’t worry!  There will still be new content going up on the site while we are away.  Some articles have been finished in advance and others will be written while we are there, including this series that we like to call the Beard Blog.

You see, if I stop shaving for even a couple of days, I start to grow a pretty decent beard. In fact, many people who have seen me with just a few days growth have often asked if I’ve been growing it for quite awhile.

The truth is, while I’ve grown several lengths of goatees before, I’ve never grown a full beard for any length of time. Which now gives me the opportunity to grow one while on vacation and document it in photos here on our Beard Blog, along with some fascinating beard facts.

So, since today is day one, here is me, clean shaven. It will be the last time I shave for the next two weeks.

I hope you will follow along on this journey with me. I will be posting photos every couple of days.


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