Top 100 Songs Of The Decade: “All At Sea” by Jamie Cullum

All At Sea
by Jamie Cullum (2003)

I first saw Jamie Cullum one night back in 2003.  He was the musical guest on Late Night With Conan O’Brien.  I had never heard of him before then, but after watching that performance (of his song “Twentysomething”) I became an instant fan, and still am to this day.  In some ways, he and his band, made up of just three members altogether, reminded me of Ben Folds Five, another of my favorite groups.  I didn’t know it then, but he had just released his third studio album.

Even though “Twentysomething” was the song he performed that night, it was another song on that disc that quickly became my favorite.  In late 2009 he released his fifth CD, and they are all excellent, but “All At Sea” from the Twentysomething CD is still my favorite Jamie Cullum song. It’s probably the only official “jazz” song in my top 100 songs of the last ten years.  My wife and I got to see Jamie perform a few years back at The Grove in Anaheim, California.  This was the one song I was hoping he’d perform, more than all the others, and he didn’t disappoint.

Check out the beautiful “All At Sea” …


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