Top 100 Songs Of The Decade: “Across The Milky Way” – The Pearlfishers

Across The Milky Way
The Pearlfishers (2001)

Back in 2001, I had just started hosting an online radio show called In The Mix.  I hosted it off and on for several years, and over the course of hosting it, I discovered a lot of music that I probably wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t done it in the first place.  Listeners would routinely email me and let me know about songs and bands that I might like.  That was how I discovered “Across The Milky Way” by The Pearlfishers.

The Pearlfishers are a band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland.  They formed in 1989 and have been creating their unique style of soft pop for over 20 years now.  “Across The Milky Way” comes from the album of the same name.  It was the first CD of theirs to be released in the United States.  Check out one of my top 100 songs of the past decade:


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