I Hate That Commercial! Folgers Coffee “Peter Comes Home”

It seems like the most viewed blog entries we write here at Cuter Than Pie have to do with commercials… commercials we love, hate, and the songs that are included in them. In a time of DVR’s, when executives are probably worried that most viewers are actually skipping them altogether, it’s probably good to see that people are still paying attention to a few of them, especially those that stand out, and not always in a good way.

And speaking of standing out in a bad, fairly creepy way is the new Folgers commercial.  While researching this clip, I found out that it was actually created as a 2009 remake of their classic 1980’s Christmas campaign, where Peter comes home for Christmas.  Check out the original 80’s commercial here before we move on.

See, Peter comes home (from where, I don’t know) and his cute little sister runs to meet him, and they make coffee. Then the parents wake up to the smell of freshly brewing Folgers, and know that Peter must be home for Christmas. Nothing really creepy about that one, right?

Well, now let’s take a look at 2009’s especially creep-tastic revamp of this commercial for comparison.

In this version, the brother (not named Peter, by the way… Folgers has actually gone out of their way to state that, for whatever reason) comes home and is once again greeted by his… sister? And then they gaze longingly into each others eyes, and I’m sure that as soon as the commercial fades to black they share that passionate, non-brother/sister kiss that they’ve been wanting to get out of the way for years… See, it’s just creepy, and it’s not just me that thinks so. If you head over to the actual YouTube page for the commercial, just check out all of the comments it’s been getting there, one of which I had actually come up with for this article but tastefully decided not to use.  Here’s a hint, it’s the one that says “The best part of waking up is (fill in the blank) in your cup.”

So what’s your opinion? Did the creators of this commercial completely miss the mark?


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