Music Videos Of The Week: Yeasayer & Simian Mobile Disco

Today we are featuring two of the best songs that we’ve heard here at Cuter Than Pie over the course of the last year.   First up is “Ambling Alp,” the new video by the band Yeasayer, out of Brooklyn, New York.   Just a warning… this song will get stuck in your head for days, but it’s so good!  The song is the first single from their second album, Odd Blood, which won’t be released until February.

Yeasayer’s first CD, All Hours Cymbals, came out in 2007, and it’s good too, but “Ambling Alp” doesn’t really sound like anything on there.  I don’t know what the rest of the new material will sound like, but if this song is any indication, it’s a bit of a shift in musical direction for the band.

I must admit, I didn’t really know much about the band Yeasayer until recently, but my first exposure to the band came when their lead singer Chris Keating provided the lead vocals for another one of my favorite songs of 2009.  Simian Mobile Disco released their second full length album, Temporary Pleasure, earlier this year.  The CD features guest vocalists on most of the songs, including Beth Ditto from The Gossip and Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip.  But the first single and video from the CD was another catchy song, “Audacity Of Huge (featuring Chris Keating of Yeasayer).”  As I said when I posted this video on my Facebook page, any song that namechecks the sorely underappreciated P.M. Dawn is alright by me!


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