It Pays To Discover… That We Don’t Accept Your Credit Card

I’ve had a Discover credit card for many years. It has served me very well. The one I currently have allows me to get 5% back on all gasoline purchases, at any gas station, and 1% back on everything else. I can then take those rewards and cash them out for gift cards, even doubling the value of my reward in some cases.

These days almost everybody takes Discover, but unless they display what cards they accept, you pretty much have to ask, and that always seems like a hassle.

If they don’t take it, I’m perfectly fine with that. I’ll just use a different kind of card. But, what really gets me is that there is a growing trend of businesses that proudly display that they accept Discover, but when you try to use it they don’t.

Case in point, the Jack In The Box down the street from where I live, in Long Beach, California, has this sign hanging from the drive-thru.

But when you get up to the window and try to use it, they act like you’re crazy. Now maybe this bothers me because I’ve worked in retail, dealing with the public for years, but if you’re going to advertise something and then not honor it, that’s just bad business.

I’m not saying that everybody needs to accept EVERY credit card, but either accept it or take the sign down showing that you do.


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