That’s Not For Me: Old Dogs

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! If you’re heading to the movie theater this weekend, why don’t you check out something good, like Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Or if you want to watch something horrible, how about Old Dogs?

Now to be fair, I haven’t SEEN Old Dogs, but I have seen the trailer and commercials… many, many times. About 1000 times too many. And I just have to say, “That’s NOT for me!” A movie where poor Seth Green is held capture by a gorilla, while Robin Williams and John Travolta get attacked by killer penguins? What’s not to like?

And the director of this film ALSO directed Wild Hogs? Wild Hogs AND Old Dogs, AND they both star John Travolta, but they’re not sequels? What a missed opportunity!

Comedian Paul Scheer compiled a list of the best lines from the bad reviews of this film and posted it on Twitter a few days ago. It’s hilarious. You can check it out here.

And finally, if you truly want to watch some good films starring these same guys, how about Pulp Fiction, Dead Poets Society, and … umm, Austin Powers (Seth Green’s best film role.. I guess).


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