Got It Covered – Under The Milky Way

If you’ve been watching television lately (and don’t fast forward through the commercials, as most of us do on our DVR’s) then you’ve probably seen the Lincoln car commercial that features a cover of “Under The Milky Way.”  The classic original song was released by The Church back in 1988.

Well, the new version is performed by one of my favorite singers, Sia Furler.

For some background info, I wrote an article about Sia for the Pop Underground blog last July.  But to make a long story short, Sia first came to my attention when she sang lead vocals on “Destiny” by Zero 7, which was released in 2001.  I really didn’t even know who the singer was, until last year when she released the wonderful CD Some People Have Real Problems, and she’s probably best known for her song “Breathe Me,” which was prominently featured in the series finale of Six Feet Under.

Sia has a new CD due out in early 2010.  I haven’t heard if “Under The Milky Way” will be included on that disc.  In the meantime, you can download Sia’s version of the song for free, compliments of Lincoln at

Follow Sia on Twitter (she’s very entertaining!)


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