The Beatles Never Broke Up – Maybe.

According to “James Richards” (a pseudonym), he recently ended up in a parallel dimension in which The Beatles are not only all living, but are still recording and performing as a band.   He managed to steal a cassette tape of one of their albums, estimated to have been released in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s in this parallel Earth.

I’ll admit reading his story was creepy (though not really believable)… I only came across it when my sister requested I read it with her after she had found the site on a friend’s Facebook post.  My creeps subsided when I listened to the tracks that were made available from the parallel Earth Beatles album “Everyday Chemistry.”  My first thoughts:  “This is really good quality for having been from a cassette tape,” then, “This is just a Beatles mash-up album!”  Yep, props to “James Richards” for the creative backstory, but the bulk of what I heard is suspiciously recognizable elements from post-breakup materials.  Not bad for mash-ups, either.

You can read more about his story, view photos and download “Everyday Chemistry” if you wish at


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