Remembering Ken Ober (and Remote Control)

What was thought to just be an Internet rumor earlier today sadly turned out to be true….

Remote Control was a TV game show ( a game show where the questions were mostly about television shows) that aired on MTV and later in a syndicated version from 1987 through 1991. While the show had a rotating supporting cast, and launched the careers of Denis Leary, Adam Sandler, Kari Wuhrer and Colin Quinn (do those last two still have careers?), the only constant was its host, Ken Ober. It was always one of my favorite shows when it was on the air. In fact, I even owned the awful (by today’s standards) computer game that was released for the PC in the late 80’s.

After Remote Control ended its run, Ken hosted a few other game shows, appeared in the music video for Blues Traveler’s “Runaround” and had recently been a producer on CBS’ New Adventures Of Old Christine. Ken passed away today at the age of 52.


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