Got It Covered – Stillness is the Move

In case you haven’t heard it yet, Solange Knowles has covered Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness is the Move,” one song you’ve been destined to get stuck in your head again and again this year.  This pairing is a little unconventional; having Beyonce’s feistier little sister covering an indie hit – a song I don’t think I’ve heard on mainstream FM radio, but only on satellite channels.

As it turns out, she did a great job.  If you have heard Dirty Projectors’ original version (which you can check out here), you may have already thought the song would have made a great early-90’s R&B hit (I know that was my first thought).

Solange took it and changed the instrumental part quite a bit, which doesn’t necessarily take away from it, since the real gem of the song is the vocals and harmonies.

Apparently Solange Knowles has a taste for the indie bands, as it has been reported that she turned Jay-Z and Beyonce onto Grizzly Bear.  What’s next – a cover of “Two Weeks”?  That’s one I’d like to hear.


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