Double your pleasure, McDouble your fun…

There was a time, not long ago, that I wouldn’t even go near a McDonald’s hamburger. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t eat there, because I would. There were plenty of McNuggets and Filet O’ Fishes and Snackwraps to satisfy my fast food hunger, but I just really didn’t like their beef that much.

But the last couple of years I’ve been getting the Double Cheeseburger, because it’s got just the right amount of meat, cheese and pickle and it was on the Dollar Menu. That’s right burger fans, I said WAS.  When I drove through about a week ago, and asked for the Double Cheesburger, I was informed by the fuzzy disembodied voice that it was no longer on the Dollar Menu, BUT it had been replaced by something called the McDouble.

And just what IS the McDouble, you might be asking?  Well, it’s basically the same as the old Double Cheeseburger, but it only has one slice of cheese instead of two.   So, now you have the option of a McDouble for $1.00 or the original Double Cheeseburger which is somewhere around 20 cents more.  I didn’t know how much the original one was, so I went ahead and got the McDouble instead.  The verdict?  Well, the only  difference I noticed is that the McDouble is a little drier tasting, without the extra cheese.

Is it worth paying the $.20 for the extra slice.  That is yet to be determined!


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